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2017 Author (s): Paula Luengo Eisenberg, N., Thartoori, E., Pastorelli, C., Uribe, L., Gerbino, M., Caprara, G. Longitudinal Relations among Positivity, Perceived Positive School Climate, and Prosocial Behavior in Colombian Adolescents Journal
2017 Author (s): Francisca Gutiérrez PPT Presentación Observatorio Huelgas Laborales
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2015 In Process The effect of corruption perceptions on political engagement The goal of this project is to study the relation between corruption perceptions and political engagement
Principal Researchear: Gloria Jiménez-Moya Co-Investigator (s): Roberto González, Paula Luengo

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Panel "Genero, Educación y Trabajo"

Founded by former Buddhist monk Lobsang Phunstok, who trained under the Dalai Lama, this unique community gives boys and girls the chance to escape extreme poverty and grow up in an environment where they are free to be themselves and dream about their future.

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[COLOQUIO] Clases sociales, comportamiento ético y prejuicio
(*) Inscripción:
PRESENTA: Héctor Carvacho, Escuela De Psicología UC - COES
COMENTA: Emmanuelle Barozet, FACSO UChile - COES
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[CONVERSATORIO] Políticas globales de control y sus implicancias en los movimientos de personas
¿Cuándo? Martes 26 septiembre; 18:30 a 20:30 hrs.
¿Dónde? Fundación Colunga CHILE, Bustamante 26, Providencia
¡Te esperamos!
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