Gloria Jiménez-Moya

Gloria Jiménez-Moya

Adjunct Research Researchers LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: Group and Individual Interactions

Adjunct Researcher with the COES Individual and Group Interactions Line and Professor at Universidad Católica de Chile. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in the Psychology of Social Intervention and a doctorate in Psychology from Universidad de Granada, Spain. Dr. Jiménez is currently Lead Researcher of Fondecyt Postdoctoral Project No. 3160165, “How Confronting Prejudice Affects Social Relationships" and is a co-researcher on Fondecyt Regular Project No. 1160151, “Promoting Civic Participation and Pro-social Behavior: Empirical Evidence Based on Intervention in School Contexts.” Her interests are related to prejudice and discrimination, strategies followed by socially disadvantaged groups for confronting the inequality that they face and pro-social behavior.

Proyectos de investigación del autor

2017 In Process Intergenerational Transmission of Participation in Social Movements in Chile: Parents in the 1980s and Children in the 2000s To analyze the psychosocial and behavioral consequences of participation in social movements and collective actions against the dictatorship in Chile and the processes and mechanisms involved in intergenerational transmission to young people who have participated in student movements in the last decade.
Investigador Responsable: Marcela Cornejo
2016 In Process The effects of confrontation on social relationships The main aim of this project is to analyze how people who confront and condemn prejudice are perceived. Specifically, the social consequences of confronting prejudice will be studied in terms of relationships with others.
Investigador Responsable: Gloria Jiménez-Moya
2015 In Process Escaping from the group: self-group distancing among low SES individuals The main goal of this project is to test the hypothesis that members of low status groups – in this case low SES – who perceive high levels of discrimination against the ingroup, and identify with the group to a low extent, are willing to escape from the ingroup by derogating it and assimilating themselves as a member of a higher status group.
Investigador Responsable: Héctor Carvacho
2015 In Process The effect of corruption perceptions on political engagement The goal of this project is to study the relation between corruption perceptions and political engagement
Investigador Responsable: Gloria Jiménez-Moya
2015 In Process In search of the happy activist: When and how is collective action conducive to subjective wellbeing? The goal of this project is to explain when and how collective actions are favourable for subjective wellbeing.
Investigador Responsable: Gloria Jiménez-Moya

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