Kirsten Sehnbruch

Kirsten Sehnbruch

Associate Researcher and Director of International Relations Academic Board, Council members, Labour Conflicts Observatory, Researchers LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: The Socioeconomic Dimensions of Conflicts

Associate Researcher at The Socioeconomic Dimensions of Conflict line and Director of International Relations at COES. Ph.D in Political and Social Sciences and Master in Latin American Studies from the University of Cambridge, England. She is also an Associate Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and author of the book "The Chilean Labor Market: A Key to Understanding Latin American Labor Markets", published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Proyectos de investigación del autor

2017 In Process Migration and employment quality in Chile: Integration and social conflict in the workplace. The principal goals of this project are 1. Create a synthetic indicator of the quality of work for the national and migrant population, based on data gleamed from the Nueva Encuesta Nacional de Empleo (New National Employment Survey), for the period from 2010 to 2016 and 2. Explore how intergroup contact, between migrants and nationals, and intragroup interactions, within the migrant community, influence the type of labour insertion of the migrant population.
Investigador Responsable: Kirsten Sehnbruch
2015 In Process Informal Institutions and Microlevel Politics in Chile This interdisciplinary project aims to study the functioning and adaptation in a short time of a Chilean informal political institutions, under the current cycle of institutional reforms, in order to establish their impact on governance and on the inclusive capacity of Chilean democracy at local, regional and national levels.
Investigador Responsable: Emmanuelle Barozet
2014 In Process Quantitative radiography of union strikes in contemporary Chile (2011-2014) The present project, from which the Labour Conflicts Observatory (OHL) was created, aims to produce a radiograph of labour conflict in contemporary Chile, taking into account the illegal strikes that have traditionally been ignored in the official records.
Investigador Responsable: Emmanuelle Barozet
2014 In Process Crisis of representation, democratic institutions and political parties in Chile The goal of this study is to evaluate the quality of Chilean democracy by examining the functioning of its informal political institutions.
Investigador Responsable: Kirsten Sehnbruch
2014 In Process Against all odds: Employment flexibilisation and Revitalisation of Union Action in Post-Transition Chile The objective of this research is to characterise new forms of union action in Chile, over the past decade, particularly that arising from the inter-company organization.
Investigador Responsable: Kirsten Sehnbruch

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