Marcela Cornejo

Marcela Cornejo

Adjunct Researcher Researchers INVESTIGATION LINE: Interacciones Grupales e Individuales

Adjunct Researcher in the Group and Individual Interactions line of research at COES, Associate Professor at the Psychology Department of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and Chief Editor of Psykhe. Psychologist; Ph.D. in Psychological Sciences from the Université de Louvain, Belgium. At present, she is a co-researcher in the Regular Fondecyt Project number 1161371 entitled “Psychological consequences of participation in social movements”. Her topics of research include issues related to psychosocial trauma derived from political violence; individual and collective working-through processes; collective and biographical memory; collective action; generations; photography and memory; and the logics and practices of qualitative social research.

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2017 In Process Intergenerational Transmission of Participation in Social Movements in Chile: Parents in the 1980s and Children in the 2000s To analyze the psychosocial and behavioral consequences of participation in social movements and collective actions against the dictatorship in Chile and the processes and mechanisms involved in intergenerational transmission to young people who have participated in student movements in the last decade.
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