Nicolás Angelcos

Nicolás Angelcos

Adjunct Researcher Researchers INVESTIGATION LINE: Geografías del Conflicto

Adjunct researcher in the COES Geographies of Conflict Line and Director of the magíster in Management and Urban Social Intervention at Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB). He holds a doctorate in Sociology from l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris, France. Dr. Angelcos teaches at the UNAB School of Sociology and is a postdoctoral fellow working on Fondecyt Project No. 3160452, “Struggles for the ‘Right to the City’ in Greater Santiago: Critical Meanings of Social and Political Inequality in Contexts of Residential Proximity.” His research areas are urban studies, political subjectivity, collective action, women’s political participation and social theory.

Publicaciones del autor

2016 Subjetividad, cuerpo y afecto en la teoría sociológica
COES Author (s): Nicolás Angelcos
Journal  - Estudios Avanzados
2016 Subjetividad, Violencia y Política. Entrevista a Michel Wieviorka
COES Author (s): Nicolás Angelcos
Journal  - Revista de Humanidades

Proyectos de investigación del autor

2016 In Process The experience of material and symbolic reconstruction after the 2014 fire in Valparaíso The objective is to compare two different experiences of material and symbolic reconstruction of space following the 2014 fire in Valparaíso. The first is the case of residents who have decided to stay in the location of the catastrophe despite the traumatic experiences that they survived. The second is that of residents who were voluntarily displaced to neighboring areas, specifically Villa Alemana.
Main ResearcherNicolás Angelcos
2014 In Process Action orientations and content of the fight against the “territorial disqualification” in middle and low-income sectors of greater Santiago. The objective of this project is to study the conflicts associated with the processes of displacement that entail gentrification in Santiago.
Main ResearcherMaría Luisa Méndez