Paula Luengo

Paula Luengo

Associate Researcher Academic Board, Researchers LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: Group and Individual Interactions

Associate Researcher at Group and Individual Interactions line at COES and Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Also she is a researcher at Centro Interuniversitario de Investigación sobre la Génesis y las Motivaciones de los Comportamientos Prosociales y Antisociales (CIRGMP), Principal Researcher at project Cepidea for the promotion of the prosocial behavior in educational contexts at Medellín (Colombia) and coordinator of the same intervention at Italy. Psycologist by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Ph.D at Universidad La Sapienza. She realized her postdoctoral research at the Project Parenting Among Cultures, funded by the National Institute of Health (USA). Her research interest are asociated at the study of individual and social determinants of prosocial behavior and its connection with civic engagement and participation from a longitudinal perspective.

Proyectos de investigación del autor

2017 In Process “Could “Machuca” be viable, today?: Personal, intergroup and social precedents of social cohesion in the classroom in the metropolitan region of Santiago” The main goal of this project is to study, within the Chilean context, the personal, intergroup and social factors that can explain social cohesion in a micro environment, such as the classroom. Specifically, the individual dimension (empathy, emotional regulation, beliefs and family values); the intergroup dimension (social identity, prejudices, stereotypes, social dominance); and the social dimension (socioeconomic status, territorial characteristics) will be considered as eventual predictive factors of social cohesion in the classroom.
Investigador Responsable: Paula Luengo
2015 In Process The effect of corruption perceptions on political engagement The goal of this project is to study the relation between corruption perceptions and political engagement
Investigador Responsable: Gloria Jiménez-Moya
2015 In Process In search of the happy activist: When and how is collective action conducive to subjective wellbeing? The goal of this project is to explain when and how collective actions are favourable for subjective wellbeing.
Investigador Responsable: Gloria Jiménez-Moya

Noticias del autor

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