Roberto González

Roberto González

Principal Researcher and Director panel study ELSOC Academic Board, Council members LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: Group and Individual Interactions

Principal Researcher at Group and Individual Interactions and Director panel study ELSOC at COES, and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Social Psychology and Ph.D in Psychology at Kent University, UK. Principal Researcher at Fondecyt Regular Project Nº1161371, “Consecuencias psicológicas de la participación en movimientos sociales” and Associate Researcher at Centro de Estudios Interculturales e Indígenas (CIIR). His research agenda focus in intergroup relations, prejudice, intergroup emotions, acculturation processes, help behaviors, social movements and attitudes, reparation behaviors associated with political and ethnic conflicts.

Proyectos de investigación del autor

2017 In Process Intergenerational Transmission of Participation in Social Movements in Chile: Parents in the 1980s and Children in the 2000s To analyze the psychosocial and behavioral consequences of participation in social movements and collective actions against the dictatorship in Chile and the processes and mechanisms involved in intergenerational transmission to young people who have participated in student movements in the last decade.
Investigador Responsable: Marcela Cornejo
2017 In Process Migration and employment quality in Chile: Integration and social conflict in the workplace. The principal goals of this project are 1. Create a synthetic indicator of the quality of work for the national and migrant population, based on data gleamed from the Nueva Encuesta Nacional de Empleo (New National Employment Survey), for the period from 2010 to 2016 and 2. Explore how intergroup contact, between migrants and nationals, and intragroup interactions, within the migrant community, influence the type of labour insertion of the migrant population.
Investigador Responsable: Kirsten Sehnbruch
2016 In Process Conflict and inter-group integration: A comparison of multiethnic contexts, immigration and indigeneity This study focuses on the development and evolution of friendships between Chilean non-indigenous and Mapuche students through a series of measurements over the course of four years.
Investigador Responsable: Roberto González
2015 In Process Understanding the Mapuche Conflict through Behavioral Games and Experimental Manipulations This project seeks to shed light on the fundamental question what the underlying cause of these tensions, economics, political ethnicity or identity is.
Investigador Responsable: Patricio Navia
2015 In Process The effect of corruption perceptions on political engagement The goal of this project is to study the relation between corruption perceptions and political engagement
Investigador Responsable: Gloria Jiménez-Moya

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