Group and Individual Interactions

Main Researcher

Juan Carlos Castillo

Deputy Director, Principal Researcher at Group and Individual Interactions, and in charge of development and implementation of Social Cohesion Observatory at COES. Also Assistant Professor at the Institute of Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). Ph.D in sociology at the Department of empirical research methods of Humboldt University, Berlin, and Master in Public Administration at Potsdam University. Currently is Principal Researcher at Fondecyt Regular Nº1160921 Project, "Economía moral de la meritocracia y preferencias distributivas". Also is in charge of team study member of sociology at FONDECYT-CONICYT. Previously he coordinated research area investigation at Centro de Medición, Mide UC of the PUC. His research areas include social inequality, distributive justice, public opinion and civic education.

Associated Researcher

Roberto González

Investigador Principal. Coordinador Estudio Panel COES

Patricio Cumsille

Associate Researcher

Emmanuelle Barozet

Associate Researcher

Dariela Sharim

Associate Researcher

Other Researchers

Gloria Jiménez-Moya

Adjunct Research

Ana Figueiredo

Adjunct Researcher

Héctor Carvacho

Adjunct Researcher

Pablo de Tezanos

Adjunct Researcher

Jorge Atria

Adjunct Researcher

Paula Luengo

Investigadora Adjunta

Monica Gerber

Adjunct Researcher

Marcela Cornejo

Adjunct Researcher

Alejandro Marambio

Adjunct Researcher

Postdoctorant Researchers

Maria Chayinska

Investigadora Postdoctoral

Researchers Assistant

Benjamín Muñoz

Research Assistant

Daniel Miranda

Research Assistant