Daniel Hojman

Daniel Hojman

Associate Researcher Researchers LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: The Socioeconomic Dimensions of Conflicts

Associate Researcher at COES and Vice President of Financial and Institutional Management Affairs at Universidad de Chile. Also Associate Professor at the Department of Economics of the same university. He was previously an Associate Professor at Harvard University’s School of Government. Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, he undertook studies in sciences at the Universidad de Chile. His areas of interest include economic theory, political economy, and social policies. He has studied the role of social networks on inequality, the impact of corruption and social media on political participation, the dynamics of poverty and the socioeconomic determinants of health status. His current research focuses on educational policies, health inequalities and measurement of segregation.

Publicaciones del autor

2018 Agency, Human Dignity, and Subjective Well-being
Autor(es) COES: Daniel Hojman
Journal  - World Development
2018 Nº15. ELSOC | Salud mental en el Chile de hoy
Autor(es) COES: Daniel Hojman
COES policy note
2016 Debt trajectories and mental health
Autor(es) COES: Daniel Hojman
Journal  - Social Science & Medicine

Proyectos de investigación del autor

2014 In Process Fair inequalities: contextual and psychosocial factors The present research aims to advance the analysis of explanatory mechanisms of the context effect on the justification of inequality through the presentation of experimental situations (laboratory and survey) where the “real” situation of inequality is manipulated and then its influence on the ideal or fair situation of inequality is analysed. This is framed within the empirical approximation towards distributive fairness, particularly in the justification of salary differences as a form of “fair inequality”.
Investigador Responsable: Juan Carlos Castillo
2014 In Process Segregation, Spatial Poverty and Inequality in the access to territorial assets This project aims to present a methodological contribution that should be a “public good”.
Investigador Responsable: Claudio Agostini

Noticias del autor

2018-08-14 [OUTREACH] Public Policies: COES Academics are awarded a “Núcleo Milenio” fund for research on social development around health and education with a gender approach

The project seeks to design, evaluate, and create public policies in the health and education […]