Miguel Pérez Ahumada

Miguel Pérez Ahumada

Adjunct Researcher LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: Geographies of Conflict

Adjunct Researcher at Geographies of Conflict Line at COES and academic from Department of Anthropology from Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Ph.D in Social Anthropologist from California University, Berkeley; MA in Urban Development from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Social Anthropologist from Universidad de Chile. His research areas are urban anthropology and political anthropology, social movements and subjectivity, housing and city rights.

Proyectos de investigación del autor

2017 In Process Urban citizenship in the ethnified city: politics of inhabitance in immigrant squatter settlements in Greater Santiago This project seeks to analyse how immigrants that reside in a squatter settlement in Greater Santiago reconceptualise the notion of citizenship in a context where, in addition to residing “informally”, the political community does not recognise them as members with full rights.
Investigador Responsable: Miguel Pérez Ahumada

Columnas de opinión del autor

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