- Revista Académica Inequality, Distributive Justice and Political Participation: An Analysis of the Case of Chile

(Disponible solo en inglés:) Political participation has frequently been associated with individual resources; that is, individuals with higher incomes, higher educational levels and more time tend[...]

- Proyecto de tesis Moralidad en modo manual: como la confrontación puede promover la ascensión de grupos desaventajados

El proyecto de tesis busca encontrar maneras de promover consciencia moral de la desigualdad en grupos privilegiados. Basándose en dos tipos de procesamiento moral, automática y consciente, buscamos[...]

- Revista Académica Neighbourhood effects’ on children’s educational achievement in Chile: The effects of inequality and polarization

(Disponible solo en inglés:) This article studies the effects of the neighborhood in which a school is located on children's mathematics achievement in Chile. It uses data taken from a sample of 127,020[...]

- Capítulo de libro Policy regimes, Inequality, Poverty and Growth: The Chilean Experience, 1973-2010

The book aims to document and explain the sizeable decline of income inequality that has taken place in Latin America during the 2000s.

It does so through an exploration of inequality changes[...]

- Eventos, Noticias COES, Noticias Destacadas Call for papers and panels for COES-LSE 2016 Conference: Inequalities

The Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies-COES and the International Inequalities Institute-LSE are organizing […]

- Prensa [NOTA] Claudia Sanhueza comenta el salario ético en Sonar Global

Claudia Sanhueza, investigadora del Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social y Directora y […]